Hive P3 Pro ... mail that works!  

Download the Trial

We now offer the option to download a trial version of Hive P3 which includes all features!
  • The trial version's php files are 99% encoded to enforce the limit listed below. We use ionCube PHP Encoder for this.
  • You can use it for an unlimited amount of time, on one server and one website!
  • Feel free to customize the design, the templates are editable!
  • The trial version can be used by 10 users or less only.

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To install Hive P3 simply follow the steps below:
  • After having ordered the trial download the archive from Customers Area
  • Unzip the archive, upload it to your server, and run it from a web browser.
  • Follow the instructions in the install wizard. Also check install.pdf. If the files do not run (i.e. you receive an ionCube error message) you do not have ionCube Loader installed. Download the ionCube Loader for your platform and PHP version, and follow the included instructions on how to install it.
  • Use it as long as you wish! If you reach the 10 user limit, the program will cease to function.
You can seamlessly upgrade from the trial to the full version at any time. Simply order the full version and change the license code in includes/config.php. You may also want to replace the files by those of the full version in order to be able to modify the source code.

We do provide basic support for trial users during a period of 10 days after having ordered the trial.


  • PHP 5.0+
  • MYSQL 4.0+
  • ionCube loader
  • mod_ssl (installed on most servers)

Recommended CP:

  • CPanel (other servers may require SSH access to setup the recommended email pipe mechanism)